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Back Issues Title Page

All comic books listed are mint to near mint condition unless otherwise noted, we have a selection of affordable back issues and are presented to help you complete your collection. For information in ordering any of these comics listed please go to the How To Order page. Please come back soon as our inventory changes from week to week and is updated on a regular basis.


Marvel Comics: Titles Listing
2099 Unlimited
Adventures of Captain America
Adventures on the Planet of the Apes
Alpha Flight
Amazing Spiderman
Avengers Spotlight
Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective
Balder the Brave
Battle Tide
Battle Tide 2
Beauty and The Beast
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (Movie Adptation)
Black Axe
Black Knight
Brute Force
Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty
Codename: Genetix
Count Duckula
Cyberspace 3000
Damage Control Vol. 1
Daredevil Vol. 2
Deadly Foes of Spider-Man
Death's Head 2 Vol. 1
Death's Head 2 Vol. 2
Doom 2099
Double Dragon
Earth X
Fantastic Four Unlimited
Infinity Gauntlet
Infinity War
Machine Man
Marc Spector: Moon Knight
Marvel Comics Presents
NFL SuperPro
Nomad Vol. 2
Nth Man the Ultimate Ninja
Punisher 2099
Punisher: War Zone
Ravage 2099
Saga of the Sub-Mariner
Sledge Hammer
Spider-Man 2099
Star Trek Untold Voyages
Thor Vol. 2
Terror, Inc.
Ultimate Spider-Man
Venom: Funeral Pyre
Venom: Leathal Protector
Venom: The Madness
Web of Spider-Man
Wolverine: Rahne of Terra
X-Men 2nd Series
X-Men: The Early Years
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